Tuesday, December 29, 2015

IVF Treatment Cost In India

Finding a cost effective IVF treatment worldwide is very difficult. The first thing you need to understand that how the cost for IVF cycle calculated and what’s all includes during any particular IVF cycle.

•    The cost of the initial consultation with the doctor, it includes the basic cost of IVF treatment which is about 7-10%.

•    Basic IVF treatment includes the doctor’s fees for egg collection and embryo which transfer to women uterus, fees of embryologist for intro fertilization, anesthesia and ultrasound charges etc.

•    Creation of embryos by injection of sperms into eggs cost the basic of IVF treatment which is approximately 30-40% and this procedure mainly used for male infertility.

•    Hormonal drugs and the cost depend on the type of drugs prescribed by the doctor for stimulating the ovaries.

•    In our IVF clinic embryos freezing  include the basic cost of the IVF treatment, however, in other IVF clinics they include around 20% of the basic IVF of cost treatment, 10% cost for storage per year and around 20-95% cost for later use and transfer.

•    Regulatory fees can be charged around 3-4% of the basic IVF treatment in our IVF clinic, however, other IVF clinics include into the general cost.

The IVF treatment cost at Select IVF Clinic as follows:

Cost (USD)

1.       IVF/ICSI includes consultations, ultrasounds, egg pick up, embryo transfer, and day care stays in the hospital.
2.       IVF Drugs
3.       Pre-IVF medical test.
4.       Airport Fees
5.       Professional Fees.


Offered as all-inclusive cost medical package
Indian Egg Donor – exclusive donation
Young and beautiful donors recruited after medical tests, we do their family history check and also do the psychological counseling’s.
Caucasian / African Egg Donors
International donors from partner donor agency travel to India for donation

If you compare our IVF clinic cost to any other clinic, you will find that our clinic is the low-cost IVF clinic in India and the current live birth success rate of our clinic as follows:

 63-70% for women under age 35

53- 60% for women ages 35 to 37

40-50% for women ages 38 to 40

30-38% for women ages over 40

Following are the factors for IVF success rate:

•    Age of women: This gives the clear picture of ovaries.

•    The status of women uterus: whether it is normal or not.

•    The success or failure rate of the fertilization.

•    The total number of the maturity level and the quality of eggs which are retrieved.

•    The total number of embryos that have been transferred.

•    The actual cause of infertility is also a major factor that determines the success rate of the IVF.

The success rate depends on how the IVF clinics support the couple who wants to undergo the IVF procedure. It has been found that when the patients are not preselected, there are maximum chances of the women attaining their dream to become mothers. Female patients who are the low responder and also had previous failed IVF cycle should not act as deterrents. IVF treatment in India at Select IVF Clinic proved that pregnancies are found to happen in many of these ‘negative’ cases as well.

The success rate can be improved when a female who is above forty-three years, or has an FSH level that is higher than 15 mIU /ml on a basal cycle day – 3, can be asked to opt for egg donations. This increases the chances of conception a lot.

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